Sunday, December 7, 2008

SOCOM Confrontation mentioned on 1up Yours

No, it hasn't exactly been discussed thoroughly on the "what you've been playing" segment yet, but on this past Friday's 1up Yours podcast, Garnett Lee said he finally purchased the game and is going to check it out over the next few weeks before he talks about it. And John Davison and David Ellis also both showed interest in playing it.

So finally, the crew on my favourite gaming podcast may finally be discussing the game. I'm pretty interested to hear what they think about it.


Se7eN said...

Sounds good. Hopefully they will have some positive comments.

Derek Ferreira said...

I get the feeling Garnett will complain about the all the Patches you have to download to start. He will probably say the game plays good but needs more weapons, spec ops, etc.